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02 February 2009 @ 04:14 pm
Gossip Girl - Ch. 1&2  
Book: Gossip Girl
CHAPTER(S): 1.-Like most juicy stories, it started at a party
2.-An Hour of sex burns 360 Calories

Gossip Girl introduces herself and sets the mood of the story. There is a party going on at the Waldorf's and Blair has only one thing on her mind, SEX, but not so fast, that little thought won't have time to become reality, because a special uninvited guest has the ability to stop everything in it's tracks. SCANDAL.

Possible Discussion Points:

-What were your first thoughts after reading Gossip Girl's intro post?
-What was your first reaction to the characters?
-Waldorf or VanderWoodsen, do you have a side yet?

Feel free to start your own discussions. Use the subject line to keep things organized.